Current version: 1.14.2 (on Paper/Spigot)


Here are our primary rules. These are subject to change and will be adapted as necesarry. As always, server staff have full authority on all matters.

These rules will have to be accepted in-game in order to gain access to the rest of the server.


  • Don't be a bag of dicks!
  • No cheats, hacks, exploits, or anything of that nature
  • Quality of Life mods are okay (minimap, optifine, etc)
  • No griefing, harassing players, or causing excessive mischief
  • Swearing is okay. Being downright offensive is not.
  • Place a sign with your Minecraft username on it outside your build (preferably at an entrance)
  • PVP is resticted to areans, capturable points,and so on. No open PVP (Dueling is okay).
  • You can defend your home from intruders only if you've given ample warning.
  • Contraptions generating lag or causing other issues may be disabled, destroyed, or deleted by staff.
  • If you require assistance, as for an @Minecraft Overseer on Discord or on the Forum.
  • Overseers (moderators) can use tools at their discretion including mute, kick, ban and so on.
  • Bans may be disputed only through the forum - forum.reborngaming.pro .

How to Connect

Simply join the following IP and Port:

Important Plugins

You'll want to take the time to glance at how to use these plugins if you're not familial with them: