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Rocket League Tournaments

Rocket League Tournaments

Hey there! Because of the nature of gamers and our clan, we tend to have a huge variety in our taste in the games we play. Turns out, a few of us really enjoy Rocket League. Our mad lad Command member brucecambell started branching out super hard, getting more and more involved with different Rocket League communities and tournaments, and opted to bring it all home to REBORN. As a result of hard work, determination, and a whole lot of “YOLO”, we started hosting Rocket League tournaments! But it turns out, it’s not as easy as it looks. Let’s dive in.

Our first Rocket League tournament was pretty quick and casual – 1v1 across REBORN members and external invites, all broadcasted on our Twitch channel. Myself and one of our resident content creators Coconutsales ended up providing live commentary. And man, that was a blast. Bruce did an awesome job organizing it for being his first, but there was definitely room for improvement of course. Fast forward to our second tournament – 2v2 double elimination, we were a bit more prepared and leveraged our newfound contacts across various Rocket League communities to throw an even better tournament, and it was once again awesome, even with some aggravating technical hiccups from . But now… now we’re craving more.

Our next Rocket League tournament will feature 3v3 teams, single elimination. We’re diving hard into prep work, including making real rules, a graphics and team info package for the stream team, advertising, building hype, and more. We looked at what we could do better with the last tournaments and due to extremely popular demand, we’re streaming every single match. It’s going to be absolutely insane. I’m looking forward to it. But all of this experience is going to get built on for every single future event and tournament and have all been valuable learning moments for myself and the other REBORN leadership. Our future events are going to continue to improve even more, and this only means that after this tournament, our 4th, 5th, 6th, etc, tournaments are all going to be that many times better, and make us better as a whole when it comes to organizing public events of this nature. And more importantly, we’ve been making loads of new friends.

If you’re interested in the Rocket League tournaments we host, either participating or spectating, check out this page.

Thanks for reading!